Is excess paperwork and documentation causing you storage and space problems?


Arun Office Services Ltd can remedy the situation with its data management 'E-Archiving' service.


E-Archiving is a method of scanning, collating and saving copies of all documents on to a hard drive for long-term storage purposes. All documents archived can be saved in batches as specified by the customer. For example you may require all invoices archived in a separate file within your customer file on our hard drive. Hard copies of documents no longer required by you can then be destroyed. Arun Office Services Ltd can also destroy these documents for you securely by shredding in a cross cut shredder, should you so wish.


There is no set charge for E-Archiving as it is a bespoke service for each customer. The information we would need to provide a quote is:

Approximate number of sheets of A4 paper (single sided) to be e-archived
Whether sheets need to be de-stapled prior to e-archiving
How you would like your documents e-archived - for example, in batches of invoices or purchase orders etc
Percentage of documents to be shredded once e-archiving is complete
Whether you would be delivering the documentation to our offices in Rustington, West Sussex
Whether you would collect the hard copy documents once they had been e-archived
Should you wish to subsequently retrieve documents and have them printed from our archives, there would be an additional charge
A Confidentiality Agreement would be available on request

Please contact Tracey Down either on our office number or via the quick-link e-mail on the "Contact Us" page of the website, to find out more about this service; a quote can be given within 24 hours.


This really could be the answer to all your space and storage nightmares.

For More Details and Enquiries Please Contact Us On 01903 859685